The Maris system is home to the Ohtani people and houses their homeworld.

Solar State
Their system is that of a binary system with two fairly young stars. Both stars share a equal orbit with each other and are very stable. The combined stars give off near earth-like solar radiation with solar events that differ from earth-like conditions.

The suns names are Tohi and Freeho

There are three planets in the Maris system:

This is the homeworld to the Ohtani. The world itself has massive mountains that cover much of the planets surface. Below in the valleys there ranges from badlands to desert like terrain. The world is as harsh as it is beautiful. Originally not the homeworld that the Ohtani people settled on (Kerr was the original homeworld) but seeing as how the planet tested the very bodies and spirits of those trying to settle it the planet was made the official homeworld of the Ohtani and many colonies relocated there.

The planet is arid and harsh, and it’s farms cannot support the many people living there; however, Kerr was restructured to become a major farming planet and supports the people of Ohtan.

Ohtan also houses much of the written works and knowledge of the human race inside one of the massive hollowed mountain tops that adorn it’s surface.

Also referred to some as “Ohtan Prime” as the original name of Kerr was “Ohtan”. Some consider Kerr to be “Ohtan II” given it’s one further out in orbit from the systems stars.

An earth-like and verdant world, lush with plains and forests. Many of the creatures that exist on Kerr are docile and coexist well with humans. There are only a few predators on Kerr which tend to stay near the equatorial rain forests.

Originally the first colony of the Ohtani, and named Ohtan. Later renamed Kerr when the Ohtani relocated to the nearest planet to their suns.

Dassi is a far outer planet in the Maris system. It lacks the size to maintain an atmosphere and has long since had it’s core go cold.

It is almost of no note with the exception of a training facility that orbits the planet. Ohtani elite are trained here in both military and philosophical matters.


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