Chandler Shipyards

Foremost creators of star-ships and mecha both for the Galactic Alliance and for commercial use. The Chandler name is synonymous for reliable space frames for mecha and for their amazing array for ship models ranging anything from small personal ships to larger capital class vessels. Although a civilian corporation, Chandler shipyards is heavily subsidized and regulated by the Galactic Alliance, and cannot trade to the Stahrcon Union due to trade embargoes levied by the GA.

The CEO, a Cassian named Davik Chandler, overseas much of the companies business from an off-world satellite that sits within a short distance of their Lux system shipyard.

The board of directors includes Victor Venezay, Adolfus Gerron, Esten Reeve, and Tyrus Cogburn.

In recent years Chandler Shipyards has been working hard to support the GA in it’s efforts to bring order to the galaxy in such a troubled time, but financial losses, failed ventures, and the hijacking of the prototype Primus Dreadnaught some years ago by Moray Kai has led to a diminished ability to support the GA.

Chandler Shipyards

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