Indomitable Strength

Cat Girl Traits


Little is known about Sasha other than what has been obvious to those who have dealt with her, her primary concern is getting more credits and she is an incredibly powerful physical combatant…that and she’s a catgirl.

It is because of the emulation of her DNA that caused the catgirl craze in the Elysium sector, although this was largely against her will. She was promised a large amount of credits and found herself captive of the doctor in charge of the facility where the minor genetic changes were made to those who wanted cat girl traits (tail, ears, etc) but Sasha was placed in a narcotic coma and used for experiments. She was eventually freed by the crew of the Behemoth II.

Lately she’s made an appearance on Ohtan to save the crew of the Behemoth II from the Four Winds of the Miburo. Her current whereabouts are largely unknown.

Picture made by Pokefreak of DeviantArt, used without permission.


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