After Two Thousand Years, The Wheels of Fate Begin to Turn Again…

Mankind lost earth for 30,000 years, they ascended to the stars and conquered a lonely galaxy. They stood on top of the highest peaks of Anteas and looked down at the arid desert and thought they held dominion over all life. Mankind would come to realize that they weren’t as alone as they thought, and at the end of 5 years of tragedies and combats to numerable to list a select few would know that Man wasn’t the only race in the galaxy, and that other races loomed in the wings waiting for their turn to rampage our home.

And at the end of those 5 years, a miracle. Earth was found again. It was healed, verdant and plentiful with life. No one remembered the blue green jewel that was our sanctum, but it became home again to refugees from this eternal conflict in which Man was destined to play a part. Even those that had gained powers well beyond their wildest dreams, powers that put them on par with gods, would accept this as home.

But that home became a prison.

And two thousand years later, man is still on Earth, unable to ascend to the stars anymore.

But something buried on Earth has begun to stir, and five young individuals must come to grips with their fate or be consumed by it.

This is the world of Kuro.

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Treasure, Riches, and a Galaxy of Trouble.

This is the world of Kuro. The galaxy stands strongly united under the guidance of the Galactic Alliance, headed by the leaders of the remaining clans of mankind after millenia of roaming the galaxy looking for a new home. Mankind settled in a solar system much like our own, but with three habitable planets one of which would lead to the greatest revolution of mankind. One planet held alien technology long since abandoned and lost that held the key to making jump drives, letting mankind expand further than they ever could.

After several decades of adapting the technology, the clans of man set out to expand their influence and colonize new worlds. With the new found tech, they learned how to terraform worlds, make more efficient, powerful, and even portable power sources and even alter their own genetic code to a small degree. Worlds were claimed for the different clans, and order existed in the galaxy. This, however, wasn’t to last.

Disgruntled with the way their clan was being treated as workers, the Meeravani clan instigated the great galactic civil war with members of the Nomoniv, Retahna, and Invernis clans. The wars raged for 50 years, until peace accords were drawn, and the Stahrcon Union as it was to be called, was exiled to an outer region of the galaxy with strictly enforced lines drawn between the GA and Stahrcon’s territories. Jump drive technology became strictly controlled by the Alliance to prevent any further incursions; the only civilians allowed access to jump technology had to be authorized by the GA, and usually had to work directly with them.

Ever since the civil war, the outer rim of the galaxy has become a wild and turbulent place. Pirates and brigands prey on the weak and the strong alike. Failed colonization attempts on planets left people stranded to try and struggle out a meager living on dying worlds. The GA has spread their defense forces thin, making the outer rim largely uncontrolled by their hand, and much order comes from GA appointed marshals, bounty hunters, or the natural pecking order of the galactic scum on the rim.

And this is were we find our “heroes”, out amongst the scum and villainy of the outer colonies. They are the crew of the pirate vessel “The Kings Gambit” led by captain Marcus Rusala, a former Cassian noble turned to piracy.


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