Stahrcon Union

The Stahrcon Union exists on the fringes of the Galaxy in specific sectors as allocated to them after the great galactic civil war that was also known as the Jumpgate Wars. The bulk of the Stahrcon Union is comprised of the Meeravani, but also has major components of the Nomoniv, Rehtana, and Invernis. The Miburo has one clan, the Kai, that joined the rebellion and still is part of the Union to this day, but little other Miburo have left due to fierce loyalty to the Galactic Alliance. This sentiment is also echoed with the Ohtani, who put much stock in the framework of the Galactic Alliance but even they have some defected families that have joined Stahrcon. The Cassian’s have nearly no appreciable amount of houses that joined Stahrcon and are the greatest minority of the Union.

Many Meeravani during that time were spread into the fringe as during the exodus their ships were built in haste and many functions failed, resulting in many lives being lost but also becoming very indebted to the other clans of man especially the Cass. Because of this debt they found themselves in poor standing economically, so many Meeravani became workers, tradesman, and miners that worked for the Cassian nobility. Years passed and the Meeravani were treated more and more poorly which eventually led to some enterprising Meeravani forming the Stahrcon corporation.

Originally a corporation that helped supply and transport fringe workers, Stahrcon was a constant part of the fringe miner or colonist before jump technology was discovered. Stahrcon became highly successful and started taking more of the market share and was instrumental in Meeravani making a better place for themselves in the Galaxy.

Eventually this led to Cassian financial losses and the Miburo and Ohtani clans that were invested in them. The Cassian king, a young and aggressive Tobias Tohsun, instituted sanctions and crippling trade levies against the Stahrcon corporation that increased friction between the Cass and the Meeravani.

Disgruntled with the way their clan was being treated as indentured workers, Stahrcon instigated the great galactic civil war with members of the Nomoniv, Retahna, and Invernis clans. The wars raged for 50 years until peace accords were drawn and the Stahrcon Union as it was to be called, was allotted sectors in an outer region of the galaxy with strictly enforced lines drawn between the GA and Stahrcon’s territories. Jump drive technology became strictly controlled by the Alliance to prevent any further incursions; the only civilians allowed access to jump technology had to be authorized by the GA, and usually had to work directly with them.

This did not stop friction between the two nations, as there were border incursions and a war fought 10 years before the start of Season One which would be known as the Border Wars. During this time the Meeravani disputed the demarcation made by the Galactic Alliance in regard to the Freeman Sector. The Meeravani ultimately lost this battle but did claim two sectors, Teera and Cesare, and added it to their influence. During this time the pilots of Kurumbu and Johnathan Issac Lance held vicious dogfights in their mecha and earned acclaim in their respective factions as some of the most skilled pilots in the galaxy.

Stahrcon Union

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