The Ohtani are the peoples of Africa and the Middle East with some of India and asia minor that unified and left Earth during the exodus. When the clans of man settled into the Maris system, they founded the world of Ohtan and made it their home.

Today many of the Ohtani embrace the lifestyles of the perfect warrior, balancing physical perfection with mental and spiritual harmony; The Ohtani are equal parts monk and warrior, equally at home debating their place in the universe as well as defending their homes, families, or charges.

Ohtani government is democratic, with emphasis on family clans and what is good for the greater whole of the culture.

They hold the 5th most influential seat, second to last, in the Galactic Alliance due to their lack of many colonies. When Ohtani settle, they tend to spend much time making sure the colony can fend for itself and survive independently if needed before moving on, making colonization a slow process for them. This being said, they still hold a good deal of sway with the other governments, due to much of the GA’s military having strong Ohtani leaders and heroes in their midst.

Notable Ohtani

  • Ontahl Hurrian
  • Kurumbu Ascen
  • Cerebus
  • Malik
  • Joni Binah


Kuro Sierun