When the exodus occurred, much of the soviet and baltic peoples gathered under one banner and stood together as they left earth. Eventually these people would become known as the Nomoniv, and would be united not only in survival, but a strong sense of belonging to each other.

The Nomoniv are unique in the Galactic Alliance in that they hold no home world, but have an extensive amount of colonies in which their people are spread through. They live in tight knit family units, and don’t have a unified government to speak of but each Nomoniv colony is voiced by a speaker who echos the needs and desires of each individual colony in their races own parliment. When major decisions need to be made for the Nomoniv as a whole, it can take much time to arrive at a solution but the race as a whole will stand behind the choice adamantly.

The Nomoniv hold the second highest amount of colonial votes in the Galactic Alliance, ranking them just under the Cassian’s for controlling votes of the council. Often the Nomoniv will take the opinons and concerns of the Retahna deeply to heart, due to pacts the Nomoniv and Retahna have in colonization and transport.

Nomoniv’s are hardy, and have seen much of the flora and fauna that exist in the galaxy. Many that don’t commit themselves to the fringe worlds find work in very cerebral venues such as scientists and doctors.

Other Notable Nomoniv:

  • Dr. Viktor Pankratov
  • Charalina “Charity” Pankratov
  • Crissy
  • Demitri Boloski


Kuro Sierun