Nihilus, God of Judges

The Arbiter; The Protector.

Nihilus resides in his Citadel: a giant, floating metal structure that is commonly sighted in times of great distress, or above battlefields.

For centuries, worshipers of Nihilus had their prayers fall on deaf ears, and it seemed their chosen god had no interesting in the squabbles and trials of mankind. It later became known to them that he was in fact preoccupied so to speak, busily safeguarding the entire planet of Earth against some cosmic danger. The theme of protection against foreign (i.e. non-human) harm became a major focus for his followers; thus, the Grimguard was born.

Nihilus is also known as a god of technology and craftsmanship. Those who follow him and name themselves Engineers devote their energies to creating marvelous tools, weapons, and mechanical devices.

Nihilus is commonly depicted as a large cloaked figure wearing a featureless metal mask and bearing multiple metal limbs. He rarely walks the planet’s surface, and most reports of actually sighting him are largely believed to be rumor or embellishment.

Nihilus, God of Judges

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