The Miburo are the descendants of many of the asian cultures of earth after the exodus. As a people, they still hold many of the traditions of family before the individual, ancestor worship, and a keen eye towards the future and technology that they used to but also have rekindled much of the lost warrior spirit they had in the past.

The Miburo, like the Ohtani, have such a mixed heritage (chinese, indian, japanese, some russian, tai, korean, etc) that an individuals appearance can vary drastically from one Miburo to another. Although having a wide base of nations at their forming as one unified whole upon leaving Earth a millenia ago, they have very little internal tension (due in part to decades of peace accords and reformations in their geopolitical climates prior to the events that led to the exodus from earth).

The largest clan of the Miburo people was originally the Kai, and was so up until the Galactic Civil War. During the war the Kai clan defected to the Meeravani and in turn gave them extensive technological support. The remaining loyalists to the Galactic Alliance were outraged at their fellow clan members turning against the the GA, and vowed to never allow the Kai to return to the Miburo. Many Miburo of today still harbor animosity towards the Kai for betraying the peace that the many nations that comprised their whole, but even with the Kai choosing to side with the Meeravani it only helped strengthen the Miburo’s belief in the Galactic Alliance. Since the Kai’s departure the Miburo have had strong issues with political cohesion. The three major clans hold the most power, but the Yukimura clan was the ruling clan up until the untimely death of Toki Yukimura.

The Miburo hold the 4th highest amount of colonial votes at the GA council, putting their ability to sway the GA’s policies just under the Invernis.

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Kuro Sierun