The Invernis peoples are those that have descended from the pilgrims from the exodus of germanic and some baltic descent. The Invernis define themselves by their severity in action, precision, and devotion to a cause. They find themselves very at home with rules and structure, and many find that they feel at ease in a military environment. They make up a strong percentage of the Galactic Alliance’s military make up, much of which exists at officer level. The Invernis are especially fearsome when encountered as pilots, due to their extreme attention to detail and extensive knowledge of their systems they pilot.

Culturally, the Invernis are not as cold and calculating as they would outwardly appear. They are an emotional people, just typically reserved and do not show their expressions towards extreme emotion often. Even with this said, if you were to get an Invernis person drunk, you’d have the same raucous, weepy, or angry individual as anyone else. They particularly enjoy classical artforms such as symphony, painting, and sculpture as well as sport shooting and hunting.

The Invernis hold the third highest seat in the GA Council, having many colonies spread throughout the galaxy that are established quickly and efficiently.

Notable Invernis

  • Edgar Krauss
  • Sigmund Krauss
  • Hemell “Troll” Mahson


Kuro Sierun