Nihilus’ ship and base of operations. A truly massive, powerful, and imposing ship, rivaled only by the Iron Reign amongst pirates, and capable of matching all but the most powerful Alliance vessels. Seeing it appear in space near any human settlement was a sight sure to inspire fear during Nihilus’ galactic purge.

Among other things, the Firebrand possessed factories that were capable of pumping out nigh-endless streams of robotic drones perfectly suited for hunting down the mari-tainted. It also boasted an extremely advanced engine, and a huge claw-like appendage that was useful for capturing or boarding other vessels.

Most remarkably, Nihilus had managed to develop a cloaking device capable of hiding the entire ship; a feat previously unheard of (amongst humans, anyway).

During the crew’s assault on Earth, the Firebrand sustained heavy damage at the hands of Johnathan Lance and his remarkable new mech. Through sheer mass, power, and speed, and the amazing piloting skills of Sousan, the Firebrand was able to make it past and crash land on Earth, though at great cost. The Firebrand itself was reduced to the barest of scraps due to continued bombardment.

Despite the loss, Ayce took pride in knowing that few other ships would have performed as well under the same circumstances, and is grateful that she got them onto the planet alive.


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