The Cassians are the remnants of the North American, British, and French colonials that left Earth to find a new home. Their culture has become a blend many anglo saxon traditions, but still retains the fierce independence that all these nations felt as singular entities.

Cassian structure is that of a constitutional monarchy with a variation of feudalism being their preferred form of governing their colonies. Even with the feudal nature of their settlements, the colonies under their control have much autonomy even with having a lord appointed over the world. Each lord takes much of the world’s poplations opinons of issues and concerns into his final verdict on whats best for the colony.

The current King of the Cass is King Tobias Tohsun and the Queen being Adrianna Tohsun. Their sons are twins and are Kerik Tohsun and Keris Tohsun, and one daughter the princess Ricci Tohsun.

The Cass have their own nobles structure in their society, and tend to spend much time focused on political and social posistion. They are prodigious planners and plotters.

Currently, the Cass hold the highest single amount of votes in the Galactic Alliance due to their views of expansionism and rapid colonization of worlds.

Notable Cassians:

Notable Cassian Houses


Kuro Sierun