Aldrech, the Sleeping God

Aldrech’s primary place of worship exists at the site of his resting place; the base of the world tree. Legends say that he fell into a great sleep after defeating a great and terrible foe – the very same creature responsible for the destruction of Earth so many years ago. Now he waits, and he rests, for if ever the day should come again that the world is in peril, The Sleeper will awaken to protect mankind. For this reason, there are those who view Aldrech’s eventual awakening as a sign of ultimate doom.

What surer sign of the apocalypse could there be than a threat so great as to rouse a God?

Worshipers of Aldrech are known for their inquisitive nature, thirst for knowledge, and, most remarkably, for their mental powers. While not every one of his followers possesses some psychic ability, the percentage does tend to be higher than normal. A gift from their god, or so claim his faithful. The Order also practices swordplay, mostly as a means of meditation and self-improvement, but woe be to those that underestimate them as foes in battle.

It is worth noting that there is one particular group of fanatics that believe Aldrech himself is the actual manifestation of destruction. He bides his time in his crystalline prison, building strength and whispering lies to his followers. If ever he should break free, the world will be no more.

Aldrech, the Sleeping God

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