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  • Sasha

    Little is known about Sasha other than what has been obvious to those who have dealt with her, her primary concern is getting more credits and she is an incredibly powerful physical combatant...that and she's a catgirl. It is because of the emulation …

  • "Cookie"

    The cook of the Behemoth II. Original "Cookie" died, but was cloned 3 times. Clone #1 Living, Nebula Station Clone #2 Living, Nebula Station Clone #3 Deceased, Haven Nebula Picture created by Pokefreak of DeviantArt, used without permission.

  • Miriavanna Tohsun

    The eldest child of King Tobias Tohsun. Heir apparent for the Cassian throne. Is a Type 0, with an immunity to Mari radiation and cannot generate powers. Originally believed to be a telepath of incredible power, but was revealed to be only a pawn under …