The prince of the “good” Andromedans.

Xotob’s motives have always been vague and difficult to grasp, possibly since the Andromedans don’t think in the same way as humans do.

He’s gone by many names throughout the ages, and has held many forms due to his racial ability to change forms. Unique to Xotob though, is his ability to perfectly mimic those forms abilities, allowing him to serve as a living catalog of the races that were eradicated in the original Mari tests long ago that left only humans and Andromedans in the milky way. His supposed guilt over this act is what drove him to seek out an alternate way to combat the forces from other galaxies that drove him and his kind from their home galaxy of Andromeda, and also to oppose Shai’tan’s methods of utilizing the Mari to create super weapons out of the humans.

After enacting a galactic shunt that separated the entirety Milky Way from the physical plane, his whereabouts have been unknown.



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