Seamus McGriffin

Virtuoso of the Chaingun


Seamus’ blood has the property that it can turn into an iron-like substance at will, and manifest as spikes or flow out over his body to make armor over him. Consequently, his circulatory system doesn’t flow like normal and he lacks a heart beat. His body has adapted to compensate for this change.

Ironblood Bullets
Seamus can fire his blood out like bullets.

Ironblood Skin
Seamus’ ability to coat himself with his blood, giving him extensive amounts of armor.

Ironblood Weapons
Seamus can force his blood into shapes, giving him the ability to make weapons out of his blood.


As well as being a talented mecha pilot, Seamus McGriffin was a master of chainguns and many automatic weapons. His talent served him well during his service during the Border Wars where he served under Johnathan Issac Lance. Seamus was a soft hearted man when it came to women.

During his time after the service he became Mari affected, and his power triggered in such a way that it cost him the life of his son Angus. Angered Seamus left the military and took up refuge on an isolated planet in the [Relic Sector | Relic Sector]. He was later recruited to [Nihilus’ | Nihilus] side when he was paid a visit by his old commander Johnathan.

He served Nihilus proudly, striking at those that got to close to the [Firebrand | Firebrand] and serving as a wingman to Johnathan.

Seamus died in combat with the crew of the Behemoth II by being assaulted by [Sasha | sasha-2] and then hit by the Behemoth II’s main cannon.

Genetic material from his body was reclaimed by Miriavanna while she was controlled by Shai’tan and Seamus was cloned for his Mari ability to have his blood harden and coat his body in an iron shell. His blood can also be made to make weapons and brachiated into tendrils and tentacles that can be used to move about. Currently Shai’tan uses Seamus clones as the bulk of his offensive forces.

Picture created by Pokefreak of DeviantArt, used without permission.

Seamus McGriffin

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