Even before being changed by the Mari, Pandora lived an unusual existence. She was born with a mutation that gave her more than just a simple affinity with water, but the ability to breath and survive in it altogether.

Later, she would develop healing powers that she used to great benefit of the season 2 characters, and through the tutelage of Vincent (an unusual and charismatic oddball found on an asteroid) she would learn that she could tap into the powers of Andromedans to create fantastic magical effects.

Later, she would serve as a vessel for an evil Andromedan, but Pandora would ultimately best her and purge her spirit by eradicating the Andromedan without a direct confrontation.

Currently she has ascended past the limitations of mankind and become a goddess, revered for her wisdom, kindness, and purity.

She serves as mentor and priestess to the gods themselves on Earth.



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