Moray Kai

Dread Pirate of the Milky Way


Weapon – Disruptor Ray Storm
Level ??, Range Close, Damage ??, Other Stats ??
Moray Kai tosses a cloud of antique coins into the air, then in a flash draws and shoots his disruptor pistol ricocheting off the coins as they’re in midair and then connecting with his target. At times he’ll shoot more than one ray into the cloud of coins. No one hit by the Disruptor Ray Storm has lived to tell the tale

Weapon – ???
Level ??, Range ??, Damage ??, Other Stats ??
It is known that Moray Kai keeps a secondary attack in case the Disruptor Ray Storm fails, but any who have seen it haven’t lived to tell the tale and he keeps it a closely guarded secret

Complete Immunity to Telepathy
Possibly due to the nanomachines that exists all through his body, Kai has been rendered completely immune to telepathic scanning, control, and attack. He is able to pass this onto others who are imbued with his “blood”

Advanced Nanomachine Abilities
Due to something in his past, Moray Kai has been treated with nanomachines that behave far beyond the normal standard even for military use. This goes so far as piloting ability that is reserved for those that have a Piloting Nano-Interface, his immunity to telepathy, his abilities of regeneration and as known recently apparent resuscitation.

Xebec had shown abilities similar but to a lesser degree as Kai, but didn’t have full control of his nanomachines and eventually went mad and became nothing more than a mindless automaton because of them.


Little is known about Moray Kai before his appearence in the galaxy sometime after the Stahrcon Border Incursion Wars. After the wars, his presence was known soon as he mounted a raid of Chandler Shipyards prime hub and stole their Primus Dreadnaught as well as two sister ships that were to work in concert with it. That ship would become the Iron Reign, Moray Kai’s main instrument of terror in the outer sectors.

Those that crew with him never seem to leave his service except in death, and those that have beared witness to his raids know him for a streak of cruelty against the Galactic Alliance that borders on obsession. It is notable that there is actually a large percentage of survivors of Kai’s raids that are civilian compared to other pirates with less than reputable tactics.

The last name Moray takes is unknown if it is in relation to a connection to the Stahrcon Kai clan or some other reason.

“This guy is a big dumb jerk.” – Aldrech

Moray Kai

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