What can be said about Malak?

Second in comand of the Kings Gambit under Captain Marcus Rusala. Pirate King of the Galaxy succeeding Moray Kai. Champion of the Andromedan’s and privy to their ultimate plans for preserving the Galaxy. Ace pilot and able leader. Confident not only from his formidable abilities but his power to peer into the near and distant future and see outcomes that none other can. Deathless immortal who stands even still after so long. So many things are associated with this man, but what now after 2000 years on Earth?

He rules as leader of the Union of Rusalan Nations, a people that are named after the man he saw as most noble in all his life, but to what end? Constantly in and out of war with the Imperial Republic of Xeransis, one could question his motives to constantly invite bloodshed over territory.

What thoughts dwell in the mind of a man that has lived countless lifetimes even before becoming immortal?



Kuro Sierun