The Purple Mari


Mari Pulse
Type is discerned by rolling a d100.
1-90 Type B
91-94 Type A
95-100 Type C

Type A – These individuals have the capability to generate their own pulses within themselves without aid of a Mari, but only do so in moments of intense stress and desperation. It has been noted that even when the individual that was Type A was in these conditions that a localized pulse might not generate, but when they are in this state due to another person or thing they have a strong ideology towards this tends to express a pulse. Type A’s tend to have trouble having offspring, as 1 in 10 children will often die in childbirth. The only exception to this is in the case of a child being exposed to a Mari pulse in utero, in which case the child develops their own set of abilities different to that of the parent and will often (75% chance) survive childbirth. Type A’s cannot pass their abilities down to their offspring. General CP awarded for a Mari pulse is 20-30, and localized pulses range from 10-30.

Type B – The typical response to Mari pulses, in that the individual evolves a set of abilities that are usually very generalized but can have a range of differences from individual to individual. These individuals will eventually cease evolving even with continued exposure to pulses. It’s interesting to note that these individuals are the only ones that can pass down evolved abilities to offspring. In passing abilities further generations tend to reject or accept the abilities on a case by case basis, and some become ingrained in a family and those families generate Bloodlines such as the Aramaki clan. General CP awarded for a pulse is between 10-20. Check each pulse (cumulative 15% chance) if the affected cannot receive anymore pulses.

Type C – These individuals are very rare, but they tend to express extremely powerful abilities when exposed to pulses and evolve at a rapid pace. Because of this their bodies are put under tremendous strain and start to either break down on a cellular level or age rapidly, the former having a gruesome death and latter usually dying of natural causes. Just like Type B’s these Type C’s can stop evolving but are more prone to doing so. General CP awarded for pulse is 30-50 and check after each pulse (cumulative 30% chance) if they cannot receive further pulses. Negative effects depend on the GM and are administered at GM’s whim.

Generates spontaneous evolution in humans. Effects are radically different and sometimes not beneficial to the human in question. Every human can only sustain so many pulses before they cannot receive anymore, but the number of pulses attainable isn’t discernible by any pattern. In addition, Mari affected can be either a Type A, Type B, or Type C (Type 0 have been discovered as well, but those aren’t affected by Mari pulses at all). Type indicates how the person will evolve and can even indicate a fated death, or the ability to generate their own pulses localized to themselves.

Trigger Effect
Generates a surge of power in those within 500m of the Mari activating her trigger. This causes those that have been affected by her to go into Overdrive for a limited time. The Mari are vulnerable during this time, and will only use the Trigger Effect if in grave danger themselves or when commanded by their Bonded One.


Character gains:
+3 ACV
+3 DCV
+ 2 Extra Actions
+ 2 Extra Defenses
+ 3 Massive Damage (Universal)

These gains can be replaced with Level 7 Alternate Form (70cp) that can only be used in Overdrive state.

The Mari activates her Trigger Effect in those that she’s affected that are nearby and causes them to surge in power. During this time she is vulnerable and has no ability other than canceling the Trigger Effect.

Bonded One
All Mari, when first activated, acquire a Bonded One, a person that they take their initial DNA signature from. These people are the ones that through their development will develop the Mari that they have activated. It is unknown if someone can “fake” a Bonded One through using a Bonded One’s DNA.


Iria is the purple Mari, and has been House Tohsun’s control for several generations.

Was irrevocably destroyed by Nihilus in the final conflict with Shai’tan.

(She was a bitch anyway -Nihilus)

Picture made by Pokefreak of DeviantArt, used without permission.


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