Fredrik Lance


The youngest son of the Cassian noble family of Lance.

Like his siblings, possesses great skill as a pilot, but unlike his brothers he lacks the strong will to fight. Prefers non-violence whenever necessary, and has thus far devoted his life to acquiring skills more suited to administration and governing his family’s territories.

Recently, an unsolicited attack on his home planet by The Reign has left Fredrik in charge of a small group of refugees that managed to escape before total occupation. From there they fled to the nearby planet Xeransis II, where initially the group was able to find shelter within a science outpost. For reasons still unknown, The Reign also had some military forces present on this planet, and the party was forced to flee once again as their outpost came under attack. After a brief period hiding out in an “abandoned” mining facility (which actually housed an eccentric old miner named Barry, who accompanied the party upon their departure but would later be killed by Nihilus), Fredrik and his crew were rescued by a Miboru ally.

Cut off from his family and with his homeworld under control of The Reign, Fredrik now looks to his foreign allies for help.

Fredrik and his allies were eventually among the very first humans to land on and subsequently begin to resettle Earth, shortly after Shai’tan’s defeat. His noble upbringing and education helped him to become an able leader, thus ensuring the success of humanity’s efforts to rebuild their homeworld.

The very empire of Xeransis is named in honor of his family’s home planet.

Fredrik Lance

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