Caesar, a season 2 character, was a monk of an odd and hardly known order that practiced perfection of the body and soul through physical pain.

Nothing stopped him when he was in combat, as the harder he was hit that faster and stronger he got. At points, damage seemed to stop occurring to him altogether and he would erupt with a black and red nimbus of flame.

Eventually Caeser achieves perfect sync with his abilities and transcends his own school of combat. He gains the ability to perfectly sync himself with his opponents and feel the rhythm of any move that could potentially come his way. He learns the ability to disrupt somethings cellular rhythm and break things down through this method, as well to unleash a torrent of power outwards that racked everything with his pain that he’d suppressed during combat.

Despite his formidable abilities, Caeser meets his end at the hands of Moray Kai’s disruptor pistol as Caeser isn’t willing to be injected with Moray’s nanites which would ultimately give Moray control of Caeser.

He dies as he lived, a free man that answered to none.



Kuro Sierun