Ayce Kurosawa

"The entire Galactic Alliance couldn't defeat me. What chance do you think you have?"


Mechanical Genius
Ayce is a true prodigy when it comes to dealing with machines. Robotics, engineering, and electronics are all child’s play.

Cybernetic Enhancements
Ayce boasts a number of robotic enhancements to his own body. These include superstrength, two long, additional metal limbs, heightened senses, enhanced reflexes, body armor, and lasers that can serve as tools or a weapon. All of these are features he created himself.

Ayce’s identity as Nihilus can be either a blessing or a curse.


Originally a member of the King’s Gambit crew, Ayce was part of the group who eventually made an escape from Anteas and felled the dread pirate Moray Kai.

Following these events, Ayce entered a period of depression and contemplation. He came to believe that the Mari radiation plaguing humanity was a curse – one that could not be allowed to exist. He set about building a robotic army and gathering followers with the purpose of purging all Mari-infected humans. Countless innocent lives were lost as his horde swept across the galaxy.

During this time, he came to be known as Nihilus.

Despite his methods, Ayce truly believe that his cause was just, and his actions righteous. He eventually succeeded in becoming both an intergalactic terrorist and a symbol of hope for those who shared his ideals.

Inevitably, he came into conflict with his former ally and captain, Malik, and those he enlisted. In one particularly decisive battle, Nihilus tracked down the Behemoth II, after the crew onboard had managed to locate and utilize the mysterious Black Mari. Nihilus managed to abduct the Mari, now in the form of Callista, while combat raged.

Upon learning the truth of the black Mari’s power, that it could remove mari radiation and mari-granted powers from people, Nihilus was elated. Here at least was a potentially peaceful means to accomplish his goal.

Shortly after the blue Mari was successfully procured by the crew of the Behemoth II, Nihilus managed to track down Malik in the nebula where he and his allies had been hiding. In the midst of a massive battle which claimed many lives, the two finally met in combat on the bridge of the Behemoth. Hours later, Pandora, Aldrech, and Sousen arrived on the scene – just moments before Bron.

Against their new common foe, Ayce once again joined his former shipmates, and had proven to be a trustworthy ally. Even robbed of his superhuman powers he remained a formidable opponent. To atone for his wrongdoings he pledged all of his power and resources, even his life if necessary, to stopping the true threat facing humanity – Shai’tan. Indeed, merely landing on the strange planet “Earth” came at the cost of The Firebrand, Ayce’s ship. Ayce helped to overcome many enemies, including Shai’tan’s top lieutenants, culminating in a showdown between a projection of Shai’tan himself and mankind’s newest champions.

In the end, Ayce held the very fate of mankind in his mechanical hands. He possessed the two remaining Mari, the purple and the black, one of which was needed by Xotob in order to enact his plan that would supposedly protect mankind from all outside alien threats. Still not able to fully trust in these strange alien powers, Ayce destroyed the purple Mari, but ultimately handed the black Mari over to Xotob.

Like many of his allies present during this final conflict, Ayce has ascended to a level of power that can only be described as divine, mainly due yet again to the influence of the Mari.

2000 years later, the human that was Ayce Kurosawa now exists only as the ever-vigilant god Nihilus.

Ayce Kurosawa

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