Aldrech Wolfe

"Nothing is Incurable."


Even after exposure to the black Mari, Aldrech remains one of the most powerful telekineticists in the galaxy.
He can also focus telekinetic energy to create minor personal force fields for defensive purposes.

Sixth Sense: Biology
Aldrech’s skill and knowledge is such that he can psychically examine a patient and immediately get a general sense of their biology, diagnosing any potential health afflictions in seconds. This ability is invaluable when attempting to cure conditions of unknown origin, or those that are particularly devious.

A common ability for any psion.

Psychic Healing
The power to easily mend most physically injuries. A skill he learned by observing his companion Pandora, though her abilities surpass his by far.

Re-origination (Exorcism)
A power Aldrech discovered only recently. With it, he psychically forces a body to revert to an earlier state based on existing genetic material/data in an attempt to rid itself of otherwise incurable maladies. Essentially, the patient is able to return their body to a state when they were healthy, almost as if they had traveled back in time, thus resulting in the offending affliction being expelled from their physiology.


A psion and a scientist, currently training at the Church of Psionica.

His latent psychic ability was always fairly minor until he came to reside on the Paradigm station. During this time, his powers became inexplicably enhanced, and he became a fairly capable telekineticist. However, his first love had always been science, and his newfound powers took a backseat to his studies and position as doctor’s assistant.

When Nihilus attacked the station, he managed to escape with an assorted group, and eventually found his way onto the Behemoth II, where he was readily accepted as doctor.

After being exposed to the radiation of the black Mari, his telekinetic powers increased to a level almost unheard of amongst humans. However, this drew the attention of the Church of Psionica, who sent the nun Mirella to retrieve him. Although she managed to collar him, rendering Aldrech unconscious and helpless, his friends were able to stop her and prevent his abduction. The collar was turned on Mirella and she spent some time as a captive on the Behemoth II, though Aldrech saw to it that she received treatment as a guest rather than a prisoner.

Eventually, Aldrech set Mirella free, claiming that he did not want to see her come to harm, as he knew that the crew were headed into some dangerous situations. Oddly, she refused to leave, and instead tagged along for a while longer. Thinking that he would need her help to capture Miriavana, whom he believed to be an immensely powerful telepath, Aldrech enlisted Mirella’s aid by promising her that once this encounter on the Firebrand was over, he would willfully and immediately accompany her to the Church of Psionica. She agreed.

True to his word, following the events aboard the Firebrand, Aldrech and Mirella were brought to the Church, where he completed the training required to become a competent, “safe” psion.

Having reunited with his companions, he joins them as they return to humanity’s homeworld, a desolate planet known as “Earth,” to confront the threat to their entire race.

Though far from being the best fighter on the crew, Aldrech’s help was nonetheless indispensable during their time on Earth. Thanks to his telepathic capabilities he was able to contact the entity they came to know simply as Tree – the sentient, living plant-guardian whose original purpose was to contain Shai’tan in his prison, and whose root structure covered the entire planet.

Aldrech’s ability to psychically remove invading influences from a person’s (or alien’s) mind allowed him to free two of Shai’tan’s top lieutenants, Legion and Bhaal, from Shai’tan’s mental grasp, and eventually turn them into allies.

When the time came to confront Shai’tan directly, Aldrech broke from the main group to venture straight to the physical prison of their foe, while the others battled a powerful projection. He learned that in order to force Shai’tan out, Aldrech had to take his place in his prison. Aldrech recognized the necessity of this action, which ultimately lead to the final destruction of their enemy.

2000 years later, still residing in his prison of crystal, Aldrech has attracted a body of followers who worship him as a divine being. He has had a long time to hone his abilities, and prepare to face any future threats to mankind or their reclaimed Earth.

Aldrech Wolfe

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