Episode 5: The Professor

The crew, upon reaching Henderov in the evening, waited until morning until they went looking for aid on creating a jump drive to get off world with the artifact knowing well that the guards at the university would see anyone approaching the walls that such a late hour as threats. In the morning, they went to the gates and were stopped by a guard, however posed as students that were supposed to be touring the grounds to get inside. The guard called in for an escort, and a philosophy/spiritualism professor came down. The old Ohtani professor had nearly as many quirks as the crew of the Gambit, and even dressed as a scholar still had more than one tatoo covering his body indicating a much more active and wild past. The eccentric man led them nearly everywhere in the grounds except the areas of propulsion studies and stellar transit studies that they needed to get to, seemingly knowing more than he let on but still having the guise of a senile old man.

During their tour, Malak had looked up to the second floor of a building and saw James Atris, Moray Kai’s second in command, with four other pirates following him entering a room. A short while later the crews engineer, Ace Thermopolis, heard a sound that reminded him of a long chain being shot through meat. The crew was on edge, but still had to finish what they came for.

When they were near the professors office, Atris and his four came rounding the other corner. Both parties were startled to see each other there, Atris seeming to not have known the crew of the Gambit would be at Henderov. Malak urged the others into the office to flee, and the professor jammed the door and showed the group an escape route he had. Atris, clearly non-plussed, ordered the largest of his group to follow after them and kill the group. Cerebus, the fifth of Moray Kai’s Five Talon Elites, went after them, catching them in the courtyard.

As the battle ensued, the professor showed some adeptness at hand to hand combat, seeming to be even more skilled than the crew themselves. This didn’t help their chances though, as Cerebus displayed powers unlike anything a human being should have, throwing huge spheres of fire and having an aura around his body that melted projectile rounds before they hit as well as causing damage to anyone near him. Crissy went down during the fight, and when things looked their direst everyone i the crew, the egg-like artifact burned a hole through Malak’s pack and fell to the ground giving out an intense light. Suddenly they all saw only white light and heard a feminine voice asking them if they wanted power. All of them, pressed for other options, agreed to gaining power, and felt a surge within their bodies. When their vision came back, they were each surrounded in a nimbus of light, and could literally feel and nearly communicate with every cell in their bodies. They began to show great powers such as Cerebus, and turned the tide against the superhuman man.

When things began to look dire for Cerebus another of the five talons, Meera, came and rescued him. The crew looked around, seeing that the artifact was gone and a recovered Crissy looked up to see Atris leaving by whipping his finger out like a long chain and hooked the edge of the shuttle from the Iron Reign that he’d come down on with the talon squad. Crissy at that point realized that Atris had to be entirely if not mostly cybernetic.



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