Episode 4: Something Stinks

The crew arrives at the tinker colony, finding it to be more of a junkyard than a colony. They find their truck soon after arriving at the colony to be stuck in what seems like a polymer spiders web, and the voice of a crotchity old man echos through the junkyard demanding why they are there. After some convicing that they aren’t there to harm him, the old man comes out and explains himself to be Old Man Bwat and is the only remaining person in the colony, all the others having died over the years or moved on to safer places to experiment. The party questions him on if he has a working ship with somewhat less than gentle methods, and he finally comes clean that he has one in the hanger, but points out on the horizon that they have company. Looking out the crew see’s that there are two fighters and a mecha on the way to the junkyard, along with several bikes all of which look to be part of Moray Kai’s fleet. Not willing to risk a confrontation, they retreat underground with gas masks on, following Bwat.

As they get underground, they see that the whole of the yard has been rigged with hidden cameras, and gas tanks that will release a terrible vapor that makes those unlucky enough to breathe it explosively lose control of their bowels…something Crissy is unlucky enough to learn first hand due to not getting a proper seal on her gas mask. At this time, the fighters land and they transform into walker type tanks. Syd, the remaining crew member aside from the players, mentions that they are Scarab fighter/tanks. He states that he has a personal invisibility device that he could use to board one and take it over, giving them time to escape. The engineer mentions he could build the device into his rig on his back and give the group a blanket field of invisibility to make it to the hanger, but will still need a diversion to get Bwat’s ship up and running. Syd is reluctant, but agree’s.

They release the gas, and make their way out under the cover of the device and the chaos erupting with Kai’s pirates all save the pilot of the mecha and one man that makes a quick leap up to the upper cockpit of the mecha and boards it. Syd hijack’s a Scarab and destroys the second one quickly, then takes to the air to distract the mecha. The crew gets into the Ramschakle Rocket™ of Bwat’s and gets it working in a manner of speaking. As the rocket gets some speed going, Syd’s severed cockpit crashes into the side of the rocket and they take off in a plume of black carbon smoke…but horizontally with the ground and only 200ft off of it.

Functional, but not perfect.

The crew gets distance between themselves and Kai’s pirates, and makes their way to see if the University of Henderov will prove more fruitful for methods of getting off world, now with Bwat in tow.



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