Episode 3: Heart of Hell

Hell’s Gate proves to be a wild and energetic place, having nearly any illicit item that someone would want. The crew makes their way to a bar that they figured would be good for getting info and would’ve been the drop point for their heisted item. Seth explains that himself, Rusala, and the arms master would’ve came to do the drop, but with things as they are it’d be best if everyone came along.

Upon entering the bar, Seth disappears for a little bit, and the crew find that the bar has quite a few clown raiders, including one with a large brim hat that looks quite a bit more seasoned than the other clowns. Eventually Seth comes back with a large Ohtani man named Kurumbu. Kurumbu explains that he was supposed to be an intermediary for the man buying the item, but plans had changed with Kai’s intervention, then leads them into a private room where he hands them a holo recorder. When they play the recorder, it is from a man named Daesun Sin who explains he’s a miburo working with the Stahrcon Union, and cannot come to meet them on Anteas to make the pickup, but has coordinates for where to meet him. The only catch is that he can’t get them a ship, but tells them of several places where they could potentially find one. Sin states that he’s arranged for simple transport here on the planets surface for them, and the recording ends. Seth takes the recorder and says he might have an idea of where they could find a ship, and starts to leave. Malak tells ones of the crew (the one that was paralyzed in the scorpion fight) to go with Seth, and the two leave. Kurumbu states that he has to leave for Jenner’s Run for other business, and leaves them to have free run of his private booth.

Crissy at this point, wanders out into the bar and starts looking around. She see’s two unusual patrons. One clad in power armor that resembles a ninja suit and another that looks noble with a strange cat/doglike creature with him at the bar. She then instigates a fight between a group of Ohtani settlers and some clowns. All hell breaks out along with several very large firearms. The noble moves casually over to a wall and hits a spot on it, revealing a passageway and leaves. Crissy gets the group and they all start to get out as quick as possible and leads them to the wall. In the process one of the crew takes a bolt to the head and promptly loses the top of it. They crew escapes down the passageway and finds that it leads to an underground vehicle storage area much like an underground parking structure. They don’t see any vehicles on the bottom level, so head up to the top one and find one brand new truck there, along with the body of the crew member that they sent with Seth with two slugs in his chest. By his body are a pair of tire tracks heading out of the structure and Seth is nowhere to be seen.

They all take the remaining truck and start to peel out of the structure. Upon leaving, the barrel through a gate and head into open desert, headed for a tinker colony just outside of Hell’s Gate. Looking back behind them, they see seven clown raider vehicles bearing down on them with one in the far back with the clown with the wide brimmed hat in the back. There’s a heated chase in which they nearly lose control of their truck, but a lucky fouled up shot by one of the clowns, the engineers perfect driving, Crissy’s rapid firing of her heavy pistol and showing a strange and powerful ability to throw a beam of energy from her hands keep everyone alive for the day. The clown in the back (which the crew assumes to be their leader) had his truck’s engine break down during the chase. Malak went back to see if he could find the man, but he’d disappeared.

The group continued on their way to the Tinker Colony…



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