Episode 2: Into the Frying Pan

After setting out into the desert, the crew find themselves at the mercy of the first of the dangers of Anteas, it’s unforgiving heat. Seth makes mention of how it’d be better to travel at night, but since Kai will eventually be searching the area for them they had better get distance between themselves and the crash site as soon as possible.

Several hours into moving through the endless expanse of dunes and featureless sandy desert, one of the crew members suddenly gets yanked under the sand by something. Everyone goes on edge, and starts looking around. Crissy makes mention that it looks like a Sand Scorpion is attacking them, and everyone holds still to prevent from being “seen” by the under ground creature. One crew member loses his cool and starts to panic, then runs, only to have the creature leap out of the sand and devour him whole. Malak looks to the panicking crew members and threatens them to keep them in line, then starts to think about how to best draw the creature out. One of the crew members offers to start running to draw it out, just so long as someone can put it down before he’s eaten. As he starts to run, the creature starts to skim the surface of the sand like water to gain more speed. Malak fires a shot that grazes it, and it turns and starts heading to the crews direction. Crissy then takes aim with a heavy pistol and blows a clean hole straight through the scorpion, then walks over to where the first victim went down and pulls him out of the sand, stating that they often paralyze their victims and come back later to consume them. She then miraculously revives him through some inner power of hers which she gives no explanation for.

After getting calmed down again, the crew sets out towards Hell’s Gate, a town populated by pirates, raiders, and other scum of the galaxy in hopes to meet the buyer for the egg and find transport off world. When getting close, Malak uses his cybernetic flight implants to fly up and scout the rest of their path to the town and while flying up, spots an older man and what looks to be his grandson pinned behind a beaten up truck firing at a group of men behind two other trucks. The crew rushes to their aid, and finds the older man and his grandchild are being attacked by clown raiders, a local raiding group on Anteas. Crissy shows great aptitude during the fight with a gun, and Malak puts down some of the others that Crissy misses. One clown starts to get away in a truck but Malak flies after him and lands in the back of the truck, putting a slug into the back of the clown’s head but realizing that he was to late to keep him from radioing off to someone about who attacked them. The old man thanks the crew, and offers the clowns vehicle to them and to show them the way into town.



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