Episode 1: Crash Landing

Captain Marcus Rusala, commander of the pirate vessel “The Kings Gambit”, directed his crew to a far off nebula to attempt and steal a rare piece of Galactic Alliance technology. A small crew went via shuttle to the research platform to sneak on and steal the object, only to find the platform devoid of any life yet still kept in immaculate condition. After searching for a short while, they found a room in which a strange, foot high metallic egg like object was being stored. The heist team, led by the Rusala’s first mate Malak, took the egg and felt a shock through their bodies when it was removed from it’s housing. Upon removing it, the platforms defenses sprung to life and started defending the platform. Four of the team got away with the object, but two died in the escape including the arms master of “The Kings Gambit”.

Upon getting back to their shuttle, they got an urgent message from the Gambit stating that they were under attack from the pirate Moray Kai and his pirate fleet. Rushing back, they hastily docked and went to the bridge to turn over the stolen object to their captain, only to find their situation was very dire, with Kai’s dreadnought bearing down on their ship and fighters all around. Rusala made a quick call to jump to Anteas space, where they were to trade the object in for their pay, hoping that they would lose Kai in the process. The Gambit jumped, but when it came out of space folding they were to close to the planet and the ship plummeted into the desert wastes of the fringe world.

Kai on deck of the “Iron Reign”, his flagship, watched as the smaller vessel jumped and flew into a rage, killing one of his navigators, then demanded that they follow the smaller ships jump scar to wherever they’d gone to.

The Gambit wound up splitting into two parts in the crash landing, much of the original team that went aboard the platform in the front half. When the crew in the front half started to come to, Seth Blue the ships navigator looked around giving a quip about another perfect landing. Then they all realized that their captain had been impaled on wreckage. Rusala then grabs his first mate Malak by his collar and pulls his face down to his, struggling out the words, “Take it to Hell’s Gate, meet the contact, don’t let it out of your sight!” and fades into death.

The first mate Malak, the ships engineer, Seth the navigator, a mysterious crew member named Crissy, and four others set forth into the desert to find a way off the harsh world of Anteas…and still manage to get paid in the process.



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