Note On Aventure Logs

OOC: The adventure log was never my strong suit, and I admittedly suck at keeping this updated, so it will exist for other purposes in the future.

The logs that DO exist here will stay here for an archive of those first few sessions, but I’ll find something more productive to do with this instead.

- Tom (Sierun)

Episode 5: The Professor

The crew, upon reaching Henderov in the evening, waited until morning until they went looking for aid on creating a jump drive to get off world with the artifact knowing well that the guards at the university would see anyone approaching the walls that such a late hour as threats. In the morning, they went to the gates and were stopped by a guard, however posed as students that were supposed to be touring the grounds to get inside. The guard called in for an escort, and a philosophy/spiritualism professor came down. The old Ohtani professor had nearly as many quirks as the crew of the Gambit, and even dressed as a scholar still had more than one tatoo covering his body indicating a much more active and wild past. The eccentric man led them nearly everywhere in the grounds except the areas of propulsion studies and stellar transit studies that they needed to get to, seemingly knowing more than he let on but still having the guise of a senile old man.

During their tour, Malak had looked up to the second floor of a building and saw James Atris, Moray Kai’s second in command, with four other pirates following him entering a room. A short while later the crews engineer, Ace Thermopolis, heard a sound that reminded him of a long chain being shot through meat. The crew was on edge, but still had to finish what they came for.

When they were near the professors office, Atris and his four came rounding the other corner. Both parties were startled to see each other there, Atris seeming to not have known the crew of the Gambit would be at Henderov. Malak urged the others into the office to flee, and the professor jammed the door and showed the group an escape route he had. Atris, clearly non-plussed, ordered the largest of his group to follow after them and kill the group. Cerebus, the fifth of Moray Kai’s Five Talon Elites, went after them, catching them in the courtyard.

As the battle ensued, the professor showed some adeptness at hand to hand combat, seeming to be even more skilled than the crew themselves. This didn’t help their chances though, as Cerebus displayed powers unlike anything a human being should have, throwing huge spheres of fire and having an aura around his body that melted projectile rounds before they hit as well as causing damage to anyone near him. Crissy went down during the fight, and when things looked their direst everyone i the crew, the egg-like artifact burned a hole through Malak’s pack and fell to the ground giving out an intense light. Suddenly they all saw only white light and heard a feminine voice asking them if they wanted power. All of them, pressed for other options, agreed to gaining power, and felt a surge within their bodies. When their vision came back, they were each surrounded in a nimbus of light, and could literally feel and nearly communicate with every cell in their bodies. They began to show great powers such as Cerebus, and turned the tide against the superhuman man.

When things began to look dire for Cerebus another of the five talons, Meera, came and rescued him. The crew looked around, seeing that the artifact was gone and a recovered Crissy looked up to see Atris leaving by whipping his finger out like a long chain and hooked the edge of the shuttle from the Iron Reign that he’d come down on with the talon squad. Crissy at that point realized that Atris had to be entirely if not mostly cybernetic.

Episode 4: Something Stinks

The crew arrives at the tinker colony, finding it to be more of a junkyard than a colony. They find their truck soon after arriving at the colony to be stuck in what seems like a polymer spiders web, and the voice of a crotchity old man echos through the junkyard demanding why they are there. After some convicing that they aren’t there to harm him, the old man comes out and explains himself to be Old Man Bwat and is the only remaining person in the colony, all the others having died over the years or moved on to safer places to experiment. The party questions him on if he has a working ship with somewhat less than gentle methods, and he finally comes clean that he has one in the hanger, but points out on the horizon that they have company. Looking out the crew see’s that there are two fighters and a mecha on the way to the junkyard, along with several bikes all of which look to be part of Moray Kai’s fleet. Not willing to risk a confrontation, they retreat underground with gas masks on, following Bwat.

As they get underground, they see that the whole of the yard has been rigged with hidden cameras, and gas tanks that will release a terrible vapor that makes those unlucky enough to breathe it explosively lose control of their bowels…something Crissy is unlucky enough to learn first hand due to not getting a proper seal on her gas mask. At this time, the fighters land and they transform into walker type tanks. Syd, the remaining crew member aside from the players, mentions that they are Scarab fighter/tanks. He states that he has a personal invisibility device that he could use to board one and take it over, giving them time to escape. The engineer mentions he could build the device into his rig on his back and give the group a blanket field of invisibility to make it to the hanger, but will still need a diversion to get Bwat’s ship up and running. Syd is reluctant, but agree’s.

They release the gas, and make their way out under the cover of the device and the chaos erupting with Kai’s pirates all save the pilot of the mecha and one man that makes a quick leap up to the upper cockpit of the mecha and boards it. Syd hijack’s a Scarab and destroys the second one quickly, then takes to the air to distract the mecha. The crew gets into the Ramschakle Rocket™ of Bwat’s and gets it working in a manner of speaking. As the rocket gets some speed going, Syd’s severed cockpit crashes into the side of the rocket and they take off in a plume of black carbon smoke…but horizontally with the ground and only 200ft off of it.

Functional, but not perfect.

The crew gets distance between themselves and Kai’s pirates, and makes their way to see if the University of Henderov will prove more fruitful for methods of getting off world, now with Bwat in tow.

Episode 3: Heart of Hell

Hell’s Gate proves to be a wild and energetic place, having nearly any illicit item that someone would want. The crew makes their way to a bar that they figured would be good for getting info and would’ve been the drop point for their heisted item. Seth explains that himself, Rusala, and the arms master would’ve came to do the drop, but with things as they are it’d be best if everyone came along.

Upon entering the bar, Seth disappears for a little bit, and the crew find that the bar has quite a few clown raiders, including one with a large brim hat that looks quite a bit more seasoned than the other clowns. Eventually Seth comes back with a large Ohtani man named Kurumbu. Kurumbu explains that he was supposed to be an intermediary for the man buying the item, but plans had changed with Kai’s intervention, then leads them into a private room where he hands them a holo recorder. When they play the recorder, it is from a man named Daesun Sin who explains he’s a miburo working with the Stahrcon Union, and cannot come to meet them on Anteas to make the pickup, but has coordinates for where to meet him. The only catch is that he can’t get them a ship, but tells them of several places where they could potentially find one. Sin states that he’s arranged for simple transport here on the planets surface for them, and the recording ends. Seth takes the recorder and says he might have an idea of where they could find a ship, and starts to leave. Malak tells ones of the crew (the one that was paralyzed in the scorpion fight) to go with Seth, and the two leave. Kurumbu states that he has to leave for Jenner’s Run for other business, and leaves them to have free run of his private booth.

Crissy at this point, wanders out into the bar and starts looking around. She see’s two unusual patrons. One clad in power armor that resembles a ninja suit and another that looks noble with a strange cat/doglike creature with him at the bar. She then instigates a fight between a group of Ohtani settlers and some clowns. All hell breaks out along with several very large firearms. The noble moves casually over to a wall and hits a spot on it, revealing a passageway and leaves. Crissy gets the group and they all start to get out as quick as possible and leads them to the wall. In the process one of the crew takes a bolt to the head and promptly loses the top of it. They crew escapes down the passageway and finds that it leads to an underground vehicle storage area much like an underground parking structure. They don’t see any vehicles on the bottom level, so head up to the top one and find one brand new truck there, along with the body of the crew member that they sent with Seth with two slugs in his chest. By his body are a pair of tire tracks heading out of the structure and Seth is nowhere to be seen.

They all take the remaining truck and start to peel out of the structure. Upon leaving, the barrel through a gate and head into open desert, headed for a tinker colony just outside of Hell’s Gate. Looking back behind them, they see seven clown raider vehicles bearing down on them with one in the far back with the clown with the wide brimmed hat in the back. There’s a heated chase in which they nearly lose control of their truck, but a lucky fouled up shot by one of the clowns, the engineers perfect driving, Crissy’s rapid firing of her heavy pistol and showing a strange and powerful ability to throw a beam of energy from her hands keep everyone alive for the day. The clown in the back (which the crew assumes to be their leader) had his truck’s engine break down during the chase. Malak went back to see if he could find the man, but he’d disappeared.

The group continued on their way to the Tinker Colony…

Episode 2: Into the Frying Pan

After setting out into the desert, the crew find themselves at the mercy of the first of the dangers of Anteas, it’s unforgiving heat. Seth makes mention of how it’d be better to travel at night, but since Kai will eventually be searching the area for them they had better get distance between themselves and the crash site as soon as possible.

Several hours into moving through the endless expanse of dunes and featureless sandy desert, one of the crew members suddenly gets yanked under the sand by something. Everyone goes on edge, and starts looking around. Crissy makes mention that it looks like a Sand Scorpion is attacking them, and everyone holds still to prevent from being “seen” by the under ground creature. One crew member loses his cool and starts to panic, then runs, only to have the creature leap out of the sand and devour him whole. Malak looks to the panicking crew members and threatens them to keep them in line, then starts to think about how to best draw the creature out. One of the crew members offers to start running to draw it out, just so long as someone can put it down before he’s eaten. As he starts to run, the creature starts to skim the surface of the sand like water to gain more speed. Malak fires a shot that grazes it, and it turns and starts heading to the crews direction. Crissy then takes aim with a heavy pistol and blows a clean hole straight through the scorpion, then walks over to where the first victim went down and pulls him out of the sand, stating that they often paralyze their victims and come back later to consume them. She then miraculously revives him through some inner power of hers which she gives no explanation for.

After getting calmed down again, the crew sets out towards Hell’s Gate, a town populated by pirates, raiders, and other scum of the galaxy in hopes to meet the buyer for the egg and find transport off world. When getting close, Malak uses his cybernetic flight implants to fly up and scout the rest of their path to the town and while flying up, spots an older man and what looks to be his grandson pinned behind a beaten up truck firing at a group of men behind two other trucks. The crew rushes to their aid, and finds the older man and his grandchild are being attacked by clown raiders, a local raiding group on Anteas. Crissy shows great aptitude during the fight with a gun, and Malak puts down some of the others that Crissy misses. One clown starts to get away in a truck but Malak flies after him and lands in the back of the truck, putting a slug into the back of the clown’s head but realizing that he was to late to keep him from radioing off to someone about who attacked them. The old man thanks the crew, and offers the clowns vehicle to them and to show them the way into town.

Episode 1: Crash Landing

Captain Marcus Rusala, commander of the pirate vessel “The Kings Gambit”, directed his crew to a far off nebula to attempt and steal a rare piece of Galactic Alliance technology. A small crew went via shuttle to the research platform to sneak on and steal the object, only to find the platform devoid of any life yet still kept in immaculate condition. After searching for a short while, they found a room in which a strange, foot high metallic egg like object was being stored. The heist team, led by the Rusala’s first mate Malak, took the egg and felt a shock through their bodies when it was removed from it’s housing. Upon removing it, the platforms defenses sprung to life and started defending the platform. Four of the team got away with the object, but two died in the escape including the arms master of “The Kings Gambit”.

Upon getting back to their shuttle, they got an urgent message from the Gambit stating that they were under attack from the pirate Moray Kai and his pirate fleet. Rushing back, they hastily docked and went to the bridge to turn over the stolen object to their captain, only to find their situation was very dire, with Kai’s dreadnought bearing down on their ship and fighters all around. Rusala made a quick call to jump to Anteas space, where they were to trade the object in for their pay, hoping that they would lose Kai in the process. The Gambit jumped, but when it came out of space folding they were to close to the planet and the ship plummeted into the desert wastes of the fringe world.

Kai on deck of the “Iron Reign”, his flagship, watched as the smaller vessel jumped and flew into a rage, killing one of his navigators, then demanded that they follow the smaller ships jump scar to wherever they’d gone to.

The Gambit wound up splitting into two parts in the crash landing, much of the original team that went aboard the platform in the front half. When the crew in the front half started to come to, Seth Blue the ships navigator looked around giving a quip about another perfect landing. Then they all realized that their captain had been impaled on wreckage. Rusala then grabs his first mate Malak by his collar and pulls his face down to his, struggling out the words, “Take it to Hell’s Gate, meet the contact, don’t let it out of your sight!” and fades into death.

The first mate Malak, the ships engineer, Seth the navigator, a mysterious crew member named Crissy, and four others set forth into the desert to find a way off the harsh world of Anteas…and still manage to get paid in the process.


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